We are MIPRO's and TACH's partner

As part of Mipro’s plan to expand its market share in Indonesia, PT Joyo Elektronik Perkasa was incorporated in 2019 to distribute the full range of Mipro products in the Indonesian market

Our mission is to create value for our customers by providing the best possible audio products to meet our customers’ varied needs, demands and requirements.

With our physical presence in Jakarta, we are able to provide better after-sales support to our customers, with back to back support from Mipro Taiwan and Mipro South East Asia Pte Ltd. Besides Mipro we also provide Tach Products

It is our company's philosophy to be honest and sincere to our customers, and we indefatigably strive to:

  • Provide safe, reliable, and quality products to our customers
  • Generate value for our customers
  • Provide merited and diligent after sales service to our customers
  • Forge enduring, decisive and non-zero-sum relations with our customers, suppliers and business partners in general.

  • PT Joyo Elektronik Perkasa is proud to be MIPRO’s and TACH’s partner